Consulting Services

Planning, Measurement and Reporting

PMN consulting services include assistance to public, not-for-profit and private organizations in planning, measurement, reporting and facilitated results management.

Our experience team of professionals have evolved an approach which uniquely integrates environmental scanning, problem analysis, strategy mapping (results logic), measurement and reporting as an integrated whole. We are available to lead, facilitate and advise on any or all of these areas.

Our work over the past two decades in the development of performance planning and measurement has taken place across five continents. In addition, we have helped central agencies to improve the performance planning and reporting regime of governments. All of these endeavours have helped our clients to integrate their formal organizational reporting with their planning and performance measurement strategies.


Our program evaluation services are geared to provide logically based empirical evidence and information on government program performance plus much more. Managers have found our studies useful to describe the environment, activities, outputs and the effects of their programs. Our work is focused to support decision-making in the areas of relevance and performance, strategic planning, policy design, and resource allocation.

PMN team members have been extensively involved in the Canadian and international evaluation communities through volunteer work at the national and local level of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), presentations at events sponsored by CES or the American Evaluation Society, work with central agencies in helping federal evaluation policy evolve and much more.

Our research services are designed to support management decision-making through the investigation of discrete research issues. Our approach, derived from the social science disciplines, includes the development of study hypotheses, key concepts, and operational definitions. Design, execution, and analyses are built upon proven quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Based upon client needs and constraints, we provide state-of-the-art data gathering techniques including telephone, online, or mail surveys, focus groups, and simulations.