Steve Montague Gives Keynote Presentation to the Canadian Evaluation Society National Conference in Halifax

Steve Montague presented the opening key note presentation to the National Conference of the Canadian Evaluation Society on May 16th 2012 in Halifax Nova Scotia. The title of the session was Valuing Difference: The Key to Evaluation and included Nancy Porteous and Kaireen Chaytor as discussants. The session was well received and the dialogue which ensued from this presentation suggested that the CES might launch a sort of collective research project. The details of this project are presently emerging but the key focus would essentially be “What works to what extent for whom in what conditions and why?” in terms of:

  1. Policy instruments applied to key subject areas (e.g. regulatory instruments applied to health and safety, contribution arrangements applied to innovation etc. etc.);
  2. Delivery models (including authorities, governance, use of intermediaries and delivery processes) in the context of the above; and,
  3. Evaluation approaches related to different types of programs and initiatives (including those noted above – and beyond) re: support of public management decision‐making.

For an annotated and slightly edited version of the presentation see  If you are interested in joining this ‘movement’ email